Breaking: Incredible Shatterstar News!


Oh, not really. Marvel just “outed” Shatterstar — who I know nothing about other than he’s a mutant with swords and a glowy eye — and Rictor — who I’ve never even heard of. They’re gay now. I have no problem with this, but I can’t help but notice the difference in-between Marvel’s characters with alternative lifestyles and their Distinguished Competition’s. I mean, Shatterstar and Rictor aren’t exactly high-profile superheroes; meanwhile, a lesbian is starring in DC’s most venerable comic, Detective Comics, as Batwoman, Plus, The Question is a lesbian now, too, right? Seems like DC is a tad more progressive in that respect.

Yes, I know Marvel also has gay characters in Runaways and Young Avengers (young people are more susceptible to catching “teh gay”) and Northstar, but none of those are top-tier characters either, and I also think he’s dead. I’m just saying DC seems to be allowing homosexual characters a higher profile. Although all of DC’s gay characters seems to be hot lesbians. Maybe everyone’s terrible and I shouldn’t have brought it up. (Via Robot6)