Crunchberry Commander’s Crunchberry Revealed

Someone — who calls himself Mister Clown — bought a 12-inch Hasbro Cobra Commander from the Rise of Cobra movie, and made the above video to reveal what lies under CC’s translucent mask. Spoiler warning — if you don’t want to know what’s under CC’s mask (and have apparently not looked too closely at any of the Cobra Commander promotional art) don’t watch. Also, if you don’t want to know how shoddy and cheap Hasbro’s 12-inch movie Joes are, don’t watch, because this video will blow your mind with its shittiness. Really, Hasbro? You couldn’t afford a back-part to the chest plate? Or articulated ankles? Or re-used the head from some old Nightmare from Elm Street Freddy Kreuger figure? Grr. Thanks for everyone who sent in the tip.