Fan Fiction Friday: “Spider-Man Vs. Doc Ock”


?My apologies for the lack of fan fiction last week. I had every intention of posting one, but the coverage situation at SDCC was so dire that I didn’t have the time. I know many of you were heartbroken about not being able to read about ridiculous and mostly horrible sex acts between beloved cartoon characters, and I am sorry. This is the story I wanted to run, since it involves everyone’s friendly neighborhood Spider-Man and his nemesis Doctor Octopus. First, the author’s note:

Warning: This story is based on the spiderman comic, not the movies or
cartoons. If there are any inconsistencies with the movie, other than
the fact spiderman is raping Doc Ock of course, do as Lucy Lawless
suggests in the Simpsons and figure “a wizard did it”. Thank you.

You’re welcome, author Crudedude! Good call making this about the comic version of Spider-Man; we all know that having the movie or cartoon Spideys raping Doc Ock would be ludicrous, but the comic version? That makes sense. If he’s sell his marriage to a supermodel to the devil, he’d rape Dr. Octopus no problem. Let’s continue after the jump, shall we?

Get your hands off me!” Doc Ock screamed pulling away from a
group of prison thugs. One of them caught him and pinned the lovely
beta villain against the wall and struggle as he might he couldn’t get
free. The man who caught Ock was busy undoing his fly, freeing a huge
cock, when Spiderman dropped behind him.

Turning around to see what the others were gasping at, the man
holding Ock let him go, getting ready to defend himself if need be. Ock
ran into Spiderman’s arms, seeking security with the man who’d just
beat him. Spiderman wrapped his arms around Ock seemingly to comfort
“Hey, Spiderman, couldn’t you wait your turn to fuck the bitch?” called
out one of the gang rapers. “Nope” Spiderman replied as he grabbed
Ock’s beautiful ass, to the chuckles of the gang rapers around him.

I just wanted to note that I’ve edited nothing out here. This is where the story begins. In media res. More specifically, in media Doctor Octopus getting raped.

Ock pushed away from him in shock. “What the hell?” Doctor Octopus
asked, confused and scared by Spiderman’s actions. “Your nothing, but a
cock teasing slut, killing the ass of that rich shit because of his
science, you fucking whore!” Spiderman accused Doctor Octopus. As Doc
Ock turned to ran Spiderman grabbed his wrists and forced them behind
his back, with one hand. With his other hand he played with Doc Ock’s
cock, the doc’s firm grape fruit sized head bouncing in tune to his
abuse. “Get your hands off me!” Ock screamed, struggling to get free.
Spiderman let him go, tripping him so that he fell on his hands and

I have read this bit of dialogue — “”Your nothing, but a
cock teasing slut, killing the ass of that rich shit because of his
science, you fucking whore!” — several dozen times, and I still don’t have the faintest clue what it means.

Spiderman laughed at Ock’s attempt to scramble away as he shot his
webs at his ankles. He attached the other end of his webs to the wall,
so that Doctor Octopus’s legs were hovering up in the air, hip high,
his beautiful legs spread. The only thing that kept Doctor Octopus’s
face from ending up press into the ground was his tentacle stubs, his
arms straight out.

Ock started to cry, his stubs growing tired, but the cum washed
his tears away, into the floor, along with his hopes. The thugs laughed
at his screams, knowing full well no who could hear him would care.

Spiderman used his super strength ripe the soaking wet jumpsuit
from Ock’s perfect young body, tossing them to the gang rapers as
perverted souvenirs of Oc humiliation. Ock looked over his shoulder
when he heard something zip and saw something other than spiderman’s
powers weren’t the only thing of his that was super human.

Question: Doesn’t the comic Doc Ock look like this?
I wouldn’t have brought it up, except Crudedude said very specifically that this was the comic Spider-Man, and so I don’t think Dr. Octopus is allowed to have a “perfect young body.” This discrepancy is really taking away from the rapiness.

It was huge, larger than all, but the largest humans, with
bristles along it. Even his pre- cum seemed to have a undefinable
venomous quality to it. Ock screamed as the beast that was Spiderman’s
cock plunged into him like a harpoon, its bristles scratching the
sensitive insides of his tender, tight, young shit cunt.

You have now read the phrase “shit cunt,” and you can never unread it.

He rubbed his cock, trying to humiliate him further, in front of
all these strange men, but Ock resisted with everything he had, using
reserves within himself that he didn’t even know existed in jail.
Spiderman answered this by shooting his web around Ock’s neck, forming
a noose with it. Spiderman choked him when ever he tried to resist
cumming around his monstrous cock. Ock couldn’t fight for breath and
not cum at the same time so he was forced to choose. It wasn’t a hard
choice, Ock loved life with a primal instinct and refused to give it up.

Ock screamed as he came on Spiderman’s cock, a very different type of screaming from the ones he’d unleashed earlier.

Spiderman pulled out in response, marking his territory all over
him all with his scorching creamy sperm. Ock sobbed at this key defeat,
the one thing he’d promised they couldn’t make him do and he’d done it
spades. Spiderman slipped under Ock’s leg to get in front of the sexy
super villain.

“Sexy super villain”? Maybe Crudedude just has a type.

“Beg to blow me whore” Spiderman commanded, smacking him with his
hideous tool. It didn’t leave a mark, but it hurt pretty bad never the
less, so Ock finally broke down and obeyed. “Please master, let me suck
that huge tasty cock of yours, please let me taste my own shit on
massive dick master…” Ock pleaded, feeling some kind of special spark
within him self die as he degraded himself publicly for the demeaning
pleasures of his rapists. After 20 minutes of humiliating himself,
Spiderman allowed the fiery slut to wrap his beautiful lips around his
revolting cock, ramming it down his throat so hard that Ock’s eyes
watered and choked on it, making his throat tighter for his cock.

Yet as Ock’s cheeks hollowed as he took Spiderman to the back of
his throat, Ock could feel a new spark being born. What had died had
been his dignity, his pride, and the hope that someone would see him as
something other then a piece of prison fuck meat. What had replaced it
was the realization that he really was just prison fuck meat, he
existed to please cock and what he wanted didn’t matter. His place was
at the end of a dick. With this knowledge come freedom, a surrender to
himself as well as the men around him.

With great power comes great responsibility, and with great knowledge comes great freedom… to be raped by Spider-Man. Or, to put it more succinctly, with great knowledge comes Spider-Man… in your mouth.

Spiderman pointed at Ock’s prick and ass, indicating that the gang
members could now join in. One shoved his dick in Ock ass, declaring it
to be that tightest he’d ever had and the prettiest. Ock responded by
screaming around Spiderman’s cock, the vibrations making his blowjob
that much better.

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A short, skinny rapist jumped onto Ock’s back so that not only
could her ride him, he could force his cock up his ass too, his cock
being huge for a man his size. Another two thug bent down under him to
suck his soft balls, biting his extra sensitive cock, just hard enough
to make the killing whore squeal. Ock bucked, screamed, sobbed, and
more just to stop from cumming, but to no avail. Ock’s eyes rolled up
into his head as his body appeared to go into a seizure, but he was
really just having the slutgasm of a life time.

For this he was rewarded with bucket loads of cum as one after the
other, his assailants exploded. First it was the little guy fucking him
in the ass, riding Ock like a cowboy, tossing his cowboy hat into the
air as Ock’s bowels got a sperm enema.

So was he just a prisoner with a cowboy hat, or an actual imprisoned cowboy? Or did he toss a metaphorical cowboy hate into the air? Don’t leave me hanging, Crudedude!

He moved to the small of Ock’s back, while the other guy who’d
been at Ock’s ass hot ass, slammed his salmi up his tush again, his
violated rectum barely not resisting as if it was virginal still. He
than gave Ock’s rectum a second white wash, some of it escaping when
pulled his cock out with a loud plop.

It was Spiderman’s turn next. Her pulled out just enough when he
came that he was certain Ock could taste his semen. When his mouth was
full of his foul concoction, his sprayed what was left, a hefty amount
in its own right, onto his lovely young face.


Ock wanted to spite Spiderman’s seed out, but he wouldn’t let,
forcing the poor boy to roll it around his mouth first, until he was
satisfied that it had coated every inch of his tongue. Finally he was
allowed to swallow it, making sure not to spill so much as a drop of
his filthy jizz.

I’m beginning to think that this Spider-Man is not my friendly neighborhood spider-Man at all.


He moved aside so the next guy could have his turn on the degraded
man tart. Man after man blasted his load into the defiled science man,
but no matter how much jizz Ock was fed he lost none of his sex appeal
as nearby guards who’d heard his screams, decided to join in on the
gang rape. The fucked his every hole at least twice each, but the worse
was when he was forced to cum, because it forced his mind back on what
was occurring to him, leaving mind no where to hide from his horrible

Every square inch of his model quality body was pinched, fondled,
and stroked in just about every way imaginable. The even took turns
spanking him, making him beg for it and thank them for the privilege to
Ock’s added humiliation. Ock hated them all for this, the worse
betrayal in a life time of treachery.

Finally at daybreak, when every one was spent, about fifty guys or
so, they all wondered off, leaving Ock in his degrading position,
unable to free himself from Spiderman’s webs. They left a pile of trash
under his face, in case he thought about relieving the pain in his arms.

Just when Ock thought he was about to fall face first in it, a
prisoner staggered into the cell. “Please help me!” he cried, his pain
and desperation overcoming his revulsion at having this old man seeing
his incredible body naked.


He staggered over to him, trying to figure out, in his sleeping
haze, why this pretty boy was in this situation. “Mus…Must be a
offfuring…from Hadd…Hadd…the god of fucking hell!” he slurred.
“No, no, I’m a scientist/super villain who’s just been gang raped by
over fifty men, please help me!” Ock cried futilely, knowing that he
was going to have his turn, because that was what men usually did to

Spiderman had no idea that this wasn’t the first time he’d raped,
men just couldn’t resist using him, making him a play thing to slate
their male lust.

It started on his sixteenth birthday, when his father had gotten
him a sexy, nearly transparent robe as a birthday gift. After he had
received present, he was forced against his will bounce up and down his
father’s huge cock, his hands cuffed behind his back as his father’s
hands found their way underneath his robe, to cup his soft scrot. He
forced fed him birthday cake which had been covered with his sperm,
while his cock turned its attention to his hair, his balls bouncing as
his head got a brutal, merciless pounding. He’d finished up making beg
to give him head, before falling asleep on his face after he came, so
that he had to spend the rest of the night with his dick in his mouth,
because he was to heavy to move off him.

I’m sensing a theme here. Perhaps we should skip ahead to the lovable old man who approached ol’ Ock, maybe he’ll help…

Ock’s tentacles were broken and on top of it all, the old guy was
rubbing the mouth of his plastic cup against his ass mouth.

…guess not.

He cut off Ock’s cries for freedom, with a cruel ultimatum. “Beg
me to shove my cup into you ass and my cock in your mouth, while piss
on your tongue, if you want down”.

The agony in his arms was undescribed, so in desperation he caved.
Ock knew from experience, a lot of experience, how to best degrade and
humiliate himself for the pleasure of who every was making him his

All right. I think I see where this is going. Still, I guess you guyshave been so desperate for FFF, so I guess I shouldn’t spare you… 

Sooner he was appeased, the sooner he’d be freed, he figured.
“Please master, bury that fucking plastic in tight young ass, so that
your hands will be free to fuck my face with your mouth watering
cock…” Ock begged, his stomach rolling with displeasure at having to
debase himself for this man’s lusts.

Just when he was ready to give up, he painfully buried his cup up
Okc till tears formed in his eyes. “If you let that cup fall out of
you, I’ll smack you around cunt slave” the smelly emaciated man warned
as her moved into position in front of Ock’s face.

I know I’ve been doing FFF for so long when the most disturbing part to me is the cup. Not because the old prison hobo has stuck it in Ock’s ass, but because it’s a caup. It’s really awkwardly specific. Very creepy.

Ock could see his gigantic cock, waving in the air, shocked that
it was almost as big as spiderman’s. He made him lick along his cock,
his tongue tracing the veins, before he gave him a taste of his hairy
nut sack. Ock was forced to roll his sweaty balls in his mouth, while
keeping the cup from falling out of him, despite his slick shit. Ock
cried out around his cock in frustration, having a hell of a time
keeping it in, even though he was still as tight as a virgin, a cruel
twist of fate indeed, for someone who ends up the sexual plaything of
others so often.

When Ocks jaw was getting sore, he forced his skilful mouth on his
over sized tool, Ock eventually deep throating him when he regained
control of his gag reflex. When he’d gotten the old bastard semi erect,
he started pissing in Ock’s mouth, the salty fluid making him almost
dry heave. Ock swallowed every drop of his golden nectar, knowing he’d
be punished for failure. No one had given him a golden shower before
and Ock prayed they would never do so again.

When ever drop was drained, he brutally fucked his throat,
delighting in the tightness of his throat. When he was about to cum he
pulled out, wrapping his brown shiny hair around his cock. He beat
himself off until he gave Ock his creamy shampoo, sperm spraying every
where in his brown locks.

…”creamy shampoo”?

The strange man moved around to pull the cup out of Ock’s battered
hole, but ended up forcing it between Ock’s lips so that Ock could test
his own creamy shit, before shoving it up his ass again.

He smacked Ock ass hard, before getting on his knees and licking
Ock with his slimy tongue. Ock had no resistence left after a night of
abuse and most of the morning had been brutal too. Ock came his tongue,
so he eagerly slurped his tasty juices.

Last, but not lest, her stabbed the cup into his dick and made him
piss in it. The cup filled with his salty goodness, before pulled it
out of him and staggered off on his merry way.

Merry way indeed. Here’s the other thing that disturbs me — this wasn’t a Marvel character. Really, Crudedude could have had anyone rape Doc Ock here after Spider-Man, but chose a random smelly old man instead. Again, it’s weirdly specific, especially with all the cup play. I don’t like it. That said, who wants to guess what the old man is going to do with that cup of pee?

“You fucking sack of shit, you promised to release me!” Ock
screamed as the ass, disappeared from view. It than occurred to Ock
that he probable never had anything that could cut through Spiderman’s
webs anyway, to his further humiliation.

Ock gave up and fell face first into the trash, his back bent
painfully. The finally straw was the drug dog who his leg to piss on
Ock, marking his territory on the defeated villain’s face.

Oh, but we’re not quite done! Here’s the cherry on the delightful cup of pee that was this story:


Spiderman went onto rape many more men, most of them super villains,
while poor Ock was forced into porn by his guards. More importantly the
drug dog went down in history as the dog that date raped Lassy.

Okay, I admit Iaughed out loud at that. Still, overall, this was brutally horrifying. FFF — you know you missed it.