Good News, Everybody! (But Mostly for Fans of Cute Toys and Futurama)


It seems like only 2008 when Kidrobot teamed up with Matt Groening to make adorable Simpsons mini-figures, but in fact, it was distant 2007. Now the two are taming up again for Futurama figures of the same design, which is noteworthy because I adore Futurama and this line will include aliens like Llrr, Morbo and a few other surprises, which is something Toynami’s (ever-so-slowly-released) actyion figure line has so far been missing. They’re vinyl, $9, and will be available blind-boxed on August 13th. I love these things, but man, $9 is a lot to spend on a toy where you’re not sure what you’re getting. Eesh. (Via Toys R Evil)