Gwyneth Paltrow Might Be an Iron Maiden (Update: Now with Black Widow)

Entertainment Weekly doesn’t care about spoilers, so neither shall I — you’re looking at Gwyneth Patrow (who doesn’t look much like Gwyneth Paltrow at the moment, weirdly) in Iron Man 2, and yes, that some kind of mechanized cybernetic armor-doohickey on her elbow. Does this mean that, as per Matt Fraction’s awesome and current Invincible Iron Man comics, Pepper Potts will be getting some cybernetic implants to save her life? And/or will she be donning a suit of armor herself? If she is, that’s fine, because Fraction’s current run is by all sources the best Iron Man comic in years, and director Jon Favreau could do a lot worse than lifting ideas wholesale from that.

Oh, this upcoming EW issue also has the first pic of Scarlett Johannson as the Black Widow; if there were even a slightly decent copy of the pic out on the nettertubes, I’d run it. But there’s not. So I’ll wait. Suffice to say, she’s looking fuzzy but presumably pretty darn good. (Via Comics Alliance)

UPDATE: Impossibly handsome TR reader Greg Easton found the pic.
I know some folks were worried about Johannson in the role of Black Widow, but I have determined that I am 100% okay with this. Yowza.