Superman Vs. Humpsday

superman wednesday.jpg

Today’s the day when USA Today debuts the Superman story inside DC’s Wednesday Comics and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t genuinely excited. First of all, USA Today now officially has a comics section, even if it’s only on Wednesdays and only online (after today). Second, if you head here to check out the comic itself, you’ll see the art (by Lee Bermejo) is superb, and the story is simple but intriguing, which is exactly what a weekly newspaper comic should be.

Third, and most importantly, this is the best thing to hit the comic strip industry since Calvin & Hobbes, and I think we should celebrate it. I absolutely loved the comics page as a kid, and it genuinely pains me to see how awful and unreadable most funny pages are today — I’m guessing a lot of you feel the same way. DC’s Wednesday Comics is showing us and syndicates a new way — great art, big images, fresh talent, and online — and that there’s no reason that we should have to settle for three tiny black-and-white panels of retarded Spider-Man, or any of the horrible legacy strips that are killing our nation’s comic sections as much as the rising price of paper.

I’m not so foolish as to believe that this Superman story will revolutionize the comic strip industry, but I am foolish enough to hope so. I’d love to see this as the rule rather than the exception. Hell, I’d like to see the entirety of Wednesday Comics be put for free on USA Today; I would have to think that would help DC a lot more than it would cost them. Maybe they could get syndicated. And then maybe newspaper could try out some new comic strips that are actually funny and clever and decent sizes online, much like webcomics. And then maybe I can rid Yoshi to the Mushroom kingdom and shoot unicorns out of my eyes. Sigh (Via Robot 6)