The Battle of the Beasts Begins Again

Battle Beasts! You know, those little critters from the ’80s all tied to elements that fought each other. Well, the battle is beginning again, because Diamond Select Toys has not only gotten the license to these things, but ownership of the whole brand. Right now, Diamond says they’ll be incorporated into their Mini-mates line, which seems like a good fit as long as that includes some new pieces for claws and hooves and snouts and such (who wants a non-animal Battle Beast?) Not me, that’s for sure).

You know, I’m just speculating here, but given the continued popularity of Pok?mon and that Bakugan game, there might just be a mass market for a new version o Battle Beasts. If Diamond can make up some kind of game to go with the toys, and still make the figures visually interesting while using the cheap Mini-mate body, they could be sitting on a bit of a gold mine. There’s no reason these have to just be for collectors  or indeed, how many collectors will be into a new Battle Beasts line. Hmm. I’m just thinking out loud here. (Via Minimate HQ)