The Beatles Rock Band Turns Me into a Screaming Girl

I’m not 100% why I turn into a teenage girl from the ’60s whenever I see a new trailer for The Beatles: Rock Band, but man, I do. I scream and jump around and throw my panties at Paul, which is really awkward because I’m watching the trailer on my laptop and they just hit the screen and land on my desk, plus, as a husky male nerd I really shouldn’t be wearing panties in the first place. Moreover, I’ve played plenty of Rock Band in my time, and been listening to the Beatles so long I know all the words by heart. I’ve already song the Beatles’ entire catalog several hundred times over. Just not for points.

And yet, every time I think of singing and strumming and playing the game, I’m excited as hell. I’m even excited about the sitar-playing, making it the first time I’ve been interested in George Harrison’s incredibly indulgent sitar songs ever. That’s impressive, right there. About the only way this game could possibly blow my mind more is by including “Rocky Raccoon” and “Why Don’t We Do It in the Road” in the songs. It could happen. It won’t, but it could.