The CG Gatchaman Movie Might Look Awesome

I can’t tell, frankly. I think it looks awesome. See, while I haven’t watched many of the episodes of either the Japanese Gatchaman or one its many American versions (Battle of the Planets, G-Force), I’ve always approved of the show in concept, mainly because the fact that the five kids dressed who fight evil dressed like birds are clearly lunatics always came through, at least in subtext. I’m quite serious; watch the original Japanese Gatchaman, and it’s obvious that all five kids are fucking crazy, and much of the show actually deals with the ramifications of having young, overemotional, homicidal maniacs as your choice to save the galaxy. Oh, and the main villain, Berg Katse, is a hermaphrodite. It’s just utterly bizarre in that wonderful anime way.

Somehow, I doubt this CG version of Gatchaman, directed by Kevin Munroe (who did the CG TMNT movie) will delve too much into those dark places, but I’m still hoping that subtext will shine through; plus, as this bootleg trailer for Anime Expo shows, it’s looking pretty good. But then again, I might just be loving this because Jun is like my #3 biggest cartoon crush (god knows why). So I’m probably too biased to judge accurately. What do you think?