SDCC: Star Wars Panel Fails to Announce TV Series, But the Force Unleashed DLC Seems Cool

So that Star Wars Spectacular? Apparently it wasn’t that spectacular. there was no real news to speak of; there’s more Clone Wars coming (who would’ve thunk?) and there’s a concert series for people in big cities. Whee. About the only part that raised my nerd interest was new DLC for The Force Unleashed game, mainly because you get to fuck around with Obi-Wan, Luke and Boba Fett, and… well, kill them. Which I think is awesome. Still, it’s pretty sad when the biggest news out of the “AMAZING STAR WARS SPECTACULAR WHICH WAS SO AWESOME IT JUST HAD TO BE TELEVISED BY G4” is not even a videogame, but jus extra downloadable content for a game that’s been out for more than half a year. Yeesh.