Bruce Campbell, Samurai

If you just wet your pants in delight, I’m sorry. Bruce Campbell is not actually playing a samurai in his next film (I was fooled too, and my pants are still damp). But he will be voicing a samurai in the English dub of the gory, Japanese cult classic Ambush at Blood-Trail Gate, which is still pretty fucking awesome. Here’s the synopsis:

Young rebellious samurai Muramoto (voiced by Bruce Campbell) spends his
days drinking sake and womanizing in a small Edo-era village.  However,
when he crosses the line with the Clan Leader’s daughter, the
consequences are dire.  The action builds to a thrilling climax at the
legendary Blood Trail Gate.

So you’ve got an ’80s cheeseball samurai flick, a ton of blood, and Bruce Campbell. What’s missing? Nothing, my friends — absolutely nothing. The film hits DVD and Blu-ray on October 13th. (Via Twitch)