DVD Day: August 11th, 2009


?? TMNT Film Collection
All four movies on Blu-ray, which does include the recent and pretty solid CG TMNT film. The special edition also has a bunch of pack-ins like movie cards and a Turtle sketch, but also something called a “radical beanie hat.” I’m pretty sure this is an oxymoron.

? Super Friends: The Lost Episodes
There are so many different Super Friends cartoons it’s hard for me to keep track, but I do know that this set has 24 episodes from 1983 on it. Why these are considered lost is a mystery to me. Check out the Amazon comments for more details.

? Alien Trespass
The faux ’50s-style alien invasion film starring Eric McCormack that took over TR for an interminable week or so last year. Ah, the memories.

? Gooby
This is actually some horrible kids movie where some scared boy meets an even more scared monster in a horrifying furry suit named Gooby; Gooby helps the boy — named  Willy — conquer his fears or some shit. But check out this last line from the official product description: “In the end, Gooby fulfills Willy’s wish by bringing Willy and his dad
(David James Elliott, JAG) together in a heart-warming and exciting
climax.” WOW.

? Dark Rising
There’s a girl with an axe on the cover, and it’s a slow week. I assume it’s soft-core fantasy porn, but I can’t be sure.

? Lone Wolf & Cub TV Collection 1
I don’t know how many episodes this set contains (maybe 26?), but I do know this is an awesomely violent ’70s Japanese samurai show, and this set has six DVDs of it for only $36. Just sayin’.

? Batman Movie Double Feature
This DVD contains The Batman Vs. Dracula, which I wish was awesome but is very much not, and the Batman animated series Batman/Superman movie, of which the first half is pretty much the best Batman/Superman meet-up ever made. Mostly because of the scene where Superman and Batman first meet and Superman introduces himself and Batman immediately throws Superman into a wall.

? Scooby-Doo Movie Double Feature
Two “movies” in which Scooby meets the Harlem Globetrotters and Batman and Robin, respectively.