Gamer Movie Provides Free Virtual Lapdances, $10 Bud Lights Not Included

As long as you don’t mind the dancers in questions being about 6-inches tall. Oh, and you need a printer and a webcam. And you need to be 18. And you need to be okay with the horrible, personal, utter shame of going through this elaborate ordeal to see a tiny, virtual dancer who I’m not even 100% takes her clothes off on your computer screen.

This whole shtick is part of the marketing for Gamer, that ridiculous-but-possibly-in-a-good-way movie starring Gerard Butler as a dude stuck in a real-life first person shooter. The guy who created that game (played by Michael C. Hall of Dexter fame) supposedly also made these tiny, pseudo-strippers, which you can “download” at As the video says, you print out the paper, put it on something hard (hee hee!), point your webcam at it, and the dancer shows up on the paper on the screen. It’s all in horribly bad taste, but I’m pretty sure it’s supposed to be. Score one for Gamer.