Has Marvel Revealed Whiplash’s Final Look in Iron Man 2? (Probably)

I figured this might be a spoiler for some of you folks, so the real pic is after the jump. Basically, Marvel’s doing a four-issue Iron Man Vs. Whiplash series beginning in November, and I’m betting dollars to donuts that the redesigned Whiplash who shows up there is more or less what Mickey Rourke will end up looking like in the Iron Man 2 movie. It ain’t bad, frankly. Hit the jump for the big reveal. (Via io9)

Note the arc reactor in his chest, the Mickey Rourke-ian crazed hair, and the apparent refusal to wear a shirt — all of this meshes with the first actual look at Rourke in Iron Man 2, and we know that he gets a real bit of armor at some point in the movie. So my guess is that this is indeed his new look for the movie, and frankly, I dig it immensely. What do you think?