How to Join the Dharma Initiative

lost dharma kit.jpg

Step 1: Pony up $80 for the special edition Lost Season Five DVD set (also available on Blu-ray).
Step 2: Open it.
Step 3: Enjoy.

That’s about it, actually. The set comes with a Dharma-made map of the island, three Dharma station patches (The Lamp Post, the Cafeteria and the Submarine, apparently), a CD by Geronimo Jackson containing the song “Dharma Lady,” an honest-to-god VHS tape with the Dharma orientation video on it, a big Dharma binder and some pamphlets, and last but not least, the actual DVDs of the series in faux 5 1/4-inch floppy disc holders.

Now, I love Lost, but I haven’t bought any of the DVD sets so far. I’m honestly not sure how much I’d enjoy rewatching the show, because I think the storytelling has been far more important than the story and whatever it actually ends up being (although this just might be an early defense mechanism I’ve constructed in case the ending sucks). That said, I may have to but this set just for the goodies, because they are totally, totally impressive. You can pre-order it at Amazon here. (Via TV Shows on DVD)