Lions Gate Enjoys Kicking Ass

Update: The video has been taken down per Lions Gate’s request. Why they don’t take the video down from YouTube itself is beyond me, but whatevs.

Good news — the Kick-Ass movie is no longer homeless. Distributor Lions Gate grabbed the rights to the live-action adapation of Mark Millar’s hyper-violent comic (that’s another leaked video from SDCC above), which should fit nicely with LG’s Saw and Hostel movies, frankly. Looks like director Matthew Vaughn — who self-financed the film after most studios balked at the sheer amount of violence in the tale — is the big winner here, since he essentially just made a studio comic book movie without having to deal with a studio or its interference, or exactly how he wanted to do it. Man, I will not be disappointed if this happens some more in the future. (Via NY Daily News)