Smallville’s Clark Kent Ate the Blue Pill

And while we’re talking about bootlegged videos from SDCC, I might as well mention that io9 dug up one of the Smallville promo which does feature ol’ Clark Kent in his new “costume” which is really just a black, Matrix-y trenchcoat and some kind of leather pant-suit with a big silver “S” on it. It’s there at the very end of the video, and it looks better than I’m making it sound, but it’s hard to get excited when you tell someone that Superman’s going to be wearing a black trenchoast and it’s not 1995 or so. The trailer also has some Zod and Metallo and Justice Leaguers and some other people that I have no idea if are new for this season or are returning, because I don’t watch Smallville. I figures watching Heroes is punishment enough.