Super Terrific Japanese Thing: Boob Pudding

Yes. Pudding created to look like boobs. They’re packaged upside down so that when you open them, they’re both situated like the left boob — er, pudding cup. Then you turn them right side up to remove the lid and eat the boob — er, pudding. The brown packet is some kind of sauce, possibly caramel. I’m trying not to think to hard about it.

Obviously, I’m really disturbed at anyone who’s so desperate to see breasts that he buys pudding modeled to look like breasts. I’m also disturbed at what the pink “nipple” might consist of (Is it strawberry? Shudder). But most of all, I’m disturbed at the idea of anyone eating faux breasts outside of an erotic-cake-bachelor-party-ironic-type situation. I can’t help but feel if you’re genuinely excited about buying and eating these pudding cups, then it’s a pretty short trip down to murder and cannibalism of young women, is all. (Via Danny Choo)