The Best Part of Waking Up Is Pure Robotic Nightmare Fuel

Watching two dead-eyed robots with horrible fake skin (well, I hope it’s fake) joylessly lock lips is about one of the worst ways I can think of to start your morning, so of course, I knew this would have to lead the day here at TR in hopes that you would vomit your omelets and pop tarts and glasses of orange juice all over your monitors in disgust at the sight. Of course, these are being made in Japan (but you knew that already, didn’t you). I was discussing these lip-mashing monstrosities with a pal of mine, and we pretty much agreed that when the human race is annihilated by robots of its own creation, we hope to hell that it’s via the gun-shooting Terminator kind, and not these shambling robo-corpses kissing us all to death.

By the way — I’m actually flying cross country for a secret Topless Robot mission, so the posts will be a tad on the light side today. If anything awesome happens, I probably won’t mention it until the end of the day. But Thursday and Friday should be business as usual, although I might start a tad later in the day. That’s all.