The First Ever Megan Fox Action Figure Comes with a Racist Twin, of Course




I don’t hate Megan Fox. I do think she looks more like a porn star than a classic beauty; I don’t think she’s a master thespian, but she’s not without some talent. The reason real I dig her is because she seems incredibly self-aware, not just of her gifts and limitations, but also that Transformers 2 was an incomprehensible mess of a movie, which she happily admitted even when she was supposed to be promoting it. That’s awesome. 
That said, I still won’t be getting the Megan Fox action figure, made by Hasbro as part of its Human Alliance Transformers 2 line — which packages a human and a robot (the first set included the Beef and Bumblebee, natch). I’m not not buying it because it’s an exceptionally lousy likeness, nor am I not buying it because the included Arcee is her own incomprehensible mess of a robot. I’m not buying it because the set includes Skids, the gold-toothed, illiterate, preposterously racist member of the movie’s Racist Twins, and the icon of everything horrible about Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. Sorry about that, Megan. Don’t worry, I’m sure the Yellow Rose Boy will buy a few to make up for it. (Via Big Bad Toy Store)