The First Official Avatar Pic Is… Bluish

Holy shit! Fox released the first official still from James Cameron’s upcoming masterpiece Avatar, and it’s going to blow your mind! Are your ready? Are you ready? You’re not ready! Put your hands on your head to keep your brains from flying out the back of your skull? Are you good? Now you’re ready! Here it is!
…what? You’re not blown away? But… it’s so blue! There’s a thing in a tank! It’s all blue and shit! This is cinema at it’s most cutting-edge! And blue!

Sigh. No, I’m not particularly astounded either. The first Avatar footage is supposed to hit Thursday, so I hope that Cameron decides to show off a little of Avatar‘s rumored awesomeness. Because right now, other than James Cameron’s name, I have no idea why I should give a shit about this movie.