The Greatest Pinball Game No One Will Ever Play

TR reader Manny sent me this, and I’m hope it’s as new to some of you guys as it was to me. Basically, there’s a 2007 documentary called Tilt: The Battle to Save Pinball, about how the few remaining guys working at the Williams pinball company in 1998 or so were charged with creating a pinball game that would revolutionize the industry or they’d all be fired.

Apparently, they did create such a pinball game. And then they were all shit-canned anyways, and the game was thrown in the trash.

This trailer for the documentary has a few tantalizing glimpses of the machine — full of holograms and animation — and it looks maddeningly awesome; it hurts to know how close we were to getting it. Of course, it surely hurts worse for the guys who made it, who achieved the impossible, and then were denied the chance to officially succeed anyways. That’s horrible for everyone.