Thundercats Movie Concept Art Rescued from Warner Bros.’ Litter Box


You might remember that one of the jillions of nerdy movies that have been announced over the years and gone nowhere was Warner Bros.’ Thundercats flick. Well, the fine folks at Movieline managed to track down the concept art for the proposed flick, done by veteran art director Jerry O’Flaherty, who was also set to direct the film.

There are more pics of Third Earth and the like over at Movieline, and they’re all pretty awesome. Too awesome, actually. Too awesome to have ever been made into a movie, that’s for sure. Warner Bros. probably thought these guys would be regular cats with swords and stuff, like a feline G-Force. They probably had Ben Kingsley already to voice the evil wiener dog who was going to be called Mumm-Ra. Thanks to everyone who sent me the tip.