TR Contest: Desert Island Item of Nerdery

one piece manga 4.jpg

?A few things of note before we wrap this weekend up:

? The demo of Batman: Arkham Asylum is up for download on PS3 and Xbox 360.
? Now that critics that Paramount hasn’t specifically allowed to see the G.I. Joe movie have seen the G.I. Joe movie, it’s dropped from 90% Fresh last night on Rotten Tomatoes to 39%. I’m not judging, just pointing in out. I’ll post my review on Monday.
And now for the contest, which is a little different than normal. The contest itself is actually simple — pick the one nerdy item that you’d want with you if you were stranded on a desert isle.  I’m not interested in survival here, so don’t bother with any replica swords or anything unless it’s your most beloved nerdy treasure. Your replica Glamdrig will not help you locate boars.
Now, pay attention, because this is a little complicated: you have to pick something you already own. This way you can pick, say, all your Nintendo games, but not like all Nintendo games ever made. You do have to keep it to one console, one book series, one toyline, one band, or et cetera. Trying to outwit the rules will make me grumpy and bitter and result in you losing.
For the record, I’ll be taking my One Piece collection of manga. I’ve said it before, but it’s still the most epic, most well-planned manga series I’ve ever read, filled with action and humor. Admittedly, it’s a series for young teem boys, but I contend it’s the perfect series for young teen boys — and the fact that it’s been running for more than 10 years old and is still not quite half over awes me and terrifies me.
Since it’s really hard to determine what makes one object of nerdy affection better than someone else’s, I’ll be picking the winner randomly. Chances are I’ll be giving out a shirt to the entry that makes me laugh the hardest as well, so there are two shots. Now as per usual, only one entry per person, and the contest ends at 12:01am on Monday.