World of Warcraft Is Getting Warcraftier… or Something

I don’t know. World of Warcraft is one of the nerd things I’ve not gotten into, partially because I’m not a PC gamer (don’t even own a PC, actually) and mostly because I don’t like MMORPGs (because I hate people). So other than seeing that Blizzard’s adding some lava to some Warcraft environments and adding two new playable races — the green idgets that are the Goblins and werewolves very cunningly called the Worgen — I really not know what’s going on in this trailer for Cataclysm, the next WoW chapter.

I can say this — the narrator for this trailer makes my skin crawl with nerdy self-loathing. He’s taking it all so seriously, and he’s clearly trying to sound deeper and more impressive than his voice allows. Given WoW‘s popularity, I’d say that in terms of the nerd hierarchy, WoW players and toy collectors like myself are about even in shame, but man, I think this video set you back some. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to play with my Masters of the Universe Tri-Klops figure that I paid $29 for.