Zombie Training Camp

Don’t feel you’re living up to your undead potential? Then you’d best ship your decaying corpse over the Japan, where the world’s only zombie training camp is going on. You won’t be able to get in, because it’s for some Japanese TV show, but maybe you can shamble along the outskirts of the camp and pick up some pointers. From Pink Tentacle:

The Saiky? Senritsu Meiky?
(“Ultimate Horror Maze”) — a 900-meter-long zombie-infested labyrinth
at Japan’s Fuji-Q Highland amusement park — is billed as the world’s
longest and scariest house of horror.

However, at a “press conference” staged last month, organizers
announced they had temporarily shut down the facility because the
zombie staff had lost their edge and were not frightening people
enough. While the haunted house was closed, the undead employees were
put through a rigorous training program designed to upgrade their
zombie skills.

This is pretty clearly some kind of PR stunt, but it’s an awesome one. And I can pretend that it’s not a PR stunt, and that some Japanese executive got genuinely pissed at his show’s lackluster zombies, and ordered them to stand under waterfalls or be fired. Because even zombies don’t want to be unemployed in this economy.