5 Uneven Minutes of the Halo Anime

Spike ran a special on the Halo 3: ODST game last night, and part of the special included a 6-minute preview of that Halo Legends anime project — you know, the thing where Microsoft gets a bunch of big anime studios to do a bunch of shorts in the Halo universe, like the Animatrix or Batman: Gotham Knight. Note I said the preview was 6-minutes long; unfortunately, all I found was a 5-minute clip that quits abruptly,

Now this is the short titled “The Babysitter” from Studio 4C. Half of it will confirm the worst fears of the anime haters as it included boring shots of cafeteria lines, a spiky haired protagonist, and most egregiously, that spiky haired protagonist bitching and whining. But mid-way through, it switches to actual action, complete with killing aliens and Master Chief, and then it’s probably just what people were hoping for — Spartans sneaking around and stealth-killing Covenant Grunts, Master Chief being awesome, including beating up a Brute barehanded. Unfortunately,  during this, the spiky-haired protagonist has to fall down a waterfall and lose his sniper rifle, but whatever. Right now, Halo Legends is batting .500%, and that ain’t bad.

Although it might be worth noting it’s not a tenth as cool as the ODST commercial from Wednesday. Sigh.