DVD Day: September 1st, 2009


?? Supernatural: Complete Fourth Season
The fourth season of Supernatural is selling better than the third season of Heroes. This delights me to know end.

? Heroes: Season 3
Relive the greatest moments! Parkman’s turtle! Hiro’s African safari! Sylar’s plethora of additional parental issues? Claire making out with Aqualad, a character who immediately disappeared! Peter and Nathan’s aunt Crazy Cat Lady! Hiro throwing corn at Parkman! and of course, THE MIGHTY HOBOLOSSUS!

? Doctor Who
Three new DVDs of three more separate episodes. I’m… I’m pretty much done listing these unless you guys tell me otherwise.

? Impact
Would you like to see a movie about asteroids hitting Earth which had absolutely no clue how gravity works? Impact is for you.

? Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Season 8
The incredibly short, 8-episode season with the new theme song and the (relatively) darker episodes.

? Fire and Ice
The movie only Ralph Bakshi and Frank Frazetta could — or would — make, now on Blu-ray.

? Transformers: More Than Meets the Eye
Want some classic Transformers but don’t want the Complete Gift Set of Season 1.1? What the hell’s your deal? Anyways, here’s the three-episode cartoon origin, and two other episodes.

? G.I. Joe: MASS Device
Same deal, but for G.I. Joe, and with the 5-episode MASS Device “movie.”