Final Fantasy XIII’s Combat Makes Me Tingly

Although I played the entirety of Final Fantasy XII, I loathed the combat. It’s faux-MMORPG-style fighting — which forced players to buy every single action for their characters at a goddamn shop, such as “heal, then fight” — made the old-school “Active Time Battle” combat seem reasonable and realistic. I don’t even like MMORPGs, so I sure as hell didn’t like that gibberish. And I muttered this to myself, over and over, as I played about 100 or so hours of the game

This video of the FFXIII demo from Gamescom does show off the combat, which looks like a happy step back to more traditional RPG fare. There are monsters on the world map, but when you encounter them you switch to ATB combat. It appears that you can program your other characters to fight much like in FFXII, but I’m betting you have the option to control them all if you want (maybe not, but otherwise, there’s not much difference between 12 and 13‘s combat, and I’d prefer not to think about that). Overall, FFXIII is making me squishy in a way I haven’t felt about a videogame since FFX.