Marvel Takes Care of “Least Essential Female Versions of Male Superheroes” All on Their Own

captain ameriwhore.jpg?
Oh, Marvel. These are your new “Women of Marvel” costumes from Disguise? Really? And you have the balls to describe them like this?

Inspired by some of the most well known Marvel super heroes we have
created a line of fashion forward costumes for women and girls who have
the desire to be fun and playful for Halloween.

Yeah, she sure looks playful. She’ll play with you for an hour if you have $200.

Who says comic books
are only for boys because with great power comes great style.

Guys, I imagine that high-pitched sound you hear is every nerd girl in your area screaming in rage while hunting for the nearest sharp-edged instruments possible, because some bastards are about to get castrated — and ladies, you have my 100% support on this. Admittedly, not all the Marvel costumes are as slutty as these two — there’s even a White Queen one that looks actually like the White Queen, although she’s pretty much Marvel’s Finest Ho-bag anyways — but none that look at all like the male heroes they purport to be, none whatsoever of any of Marvel’s actual female superheroes, and not a single one that includes pants.

Now if you need me, I’ll be hiding under my bed with a cup, in case any of the ladies who see this decide to shoot the messenger, too. (Via Geektrooper)