My Girlfriend Is the President, Apparently

This is an honest-to-god trailer for a Japanese porn game. I know the announcer is speaking decent English, but it is not a parody. It is an absolutely real hentai game where aliens crash on the Japanese government, and decide the simplest thing to do is make a Japanese high school girl president, build a copy of the White House, and then — because this is the simplest solution they could think of — brainwash the entire world into believing the girl is in fact the president of Japan. Oh. My. Fuckkoalas.

I really have no words. Nothing can possible capture my incredulity that this thing is real. Honestly, just watching the trailer makes me feel drunk and hung over at the same time.
In related news, President Barack Obama was hanging out on the real White House lawn with a lightsaber. I don’t want an argument on his policies on my nerd site, but hopefully we can all agree that is awesome as hell. (Via Japanator and Gawker)