Really, Watchmen Ultimate Cut? Really?!


I know anyone who was looking forward to Watchmen on DVD or Blu-ray has been effectively looking forward to the obviously forthcoming “Ultimate Cut,” the one with Tales from the Black Freighter cut in and the way director Zac Snyder always wanted. Well, Warner Bros. finally announced the Ultimate Cut last night, and I’ll be damned if the cover isn’t a yellow button with a skull and crossbones and the trademark bloodsplatter. It looks horrible. It’s like a pirate parody of Watchmen. It’s like a bad joke that Alan Moore would tell while he was dissing the movie, all movies, the comic industry, everything that was every created except his stuff. Jesus, it’s horrible.

If you can get over that — and I’m not saying you should have to — the junk inside isn’t that amazing. One disc is the Ultimate Cut of the movie which clocks in at 215 minutes, one is a digital copy of the Ultimate Cut Theatrical Cut, one is that damn Watchmen Motion Comics DVD again, and then one disc of extras — note that there’s no theatrical or director’s cut DVDs included, so you’ll need to keep those original copies if you want those versions of the film not on your computer. But they have no problem making you buy yet another goddamn copy of the crappy Motion Comic. Grr.

The extras are as follows, courtesy of the Blu-ray Blog:

? The Phenomenon: The Comic that Changed Comics
? Real Super Heroes, Real Vigilantes
? Mechanics: Technologies of a Fantastic World
? Watchmen: Video Journals
? My Chemical Romance Desolation Row
? Under The Hood
? Story Within A Story: The Books of Watchmen

I know at least some of those were on the original DVDs, and I wouldn’t be surprised if all of them were (sigh). This thing drops on November 3rd, but I’m no longer that excited. Also, I’d be shocked if there weren’t yet another, even more ultimate-r version with all the cuts of the movie coming down the pike eventually. (Via Blu-Ray Blog)