TR’s Heroes Live-Blog 2-2

claire brilliant plan.jpg?
Apparently, NBC has moved Heroes permanently to 8pm, so I wanted to remind you guys that the TR Live-blog will begin at 7:50pm EST sharp (I do have to wonder if the earlier timeslot has anything to do with the disappearance of Mohinder and his fucking-people-until-they-stick-to-the-wall powers). If you missed last week’s episode, it actually wasn’t that bad. I mean, it wasn’t great, but right now, most the characters have one decent motivation and they have randomly deviated from that (yet), although Hiro’s plotline is still a mess and Claire — seen above enacting her brilliant plan to find out if her dormmate was murdered — still isn’t the sharpest tool in the Heroes‘ shed.

But what will tonight bring? Is Heroes finally on the right path, or are we in for the first stomach-churning turn of the season? Make a pitcher of martinis, get a straw, (or my preference, a bottle of scotch and a rubber nipple) and join us at 7:50pm EST and find out.