This Metal Gear Fan Movie is 100% Solid, Man

So you didn’t care for that Dig Dug fan-made trailer I posted earlier? Fine. I’ll raise you a full-length Metal Gear Solid fan movie — and I mean movie, this thing is at least an hour long (I haven’t even gotten to watch all of it yet!) and comes complete with excellent CG work, a decent plot, and a hell of a Solid Snake — he has the voice down perfectly, and he even has a few wisps of a mullet. We honestly might not even need a studio-made Metal Gear movie after this — no one else is going to give the franchise this much love, and I’d probably include Hideo Kojima in that list. Watch this bad boy over your lunch break, and then sound off in the comments with your review — if the video above is shorting out on you (it seems to be pretty popular at the moment) you can head to the official site and download it here. Thanks to everyone who sent in the tip.