War of the Worlds 2 (Electric Bugaloo)

Have you ever wondered what if the Martians in H.G. Wells’ seminal science fiction novel The War of the Worlds hadn’t been huge pussies and were immune to colds and other Earth diseases? (No? C’mon, asshole, work with me here.) Well, Joe Pearson did, and he’s directed this independent, full-length animated feature set 15 years after the original story, as humans have gotten organized and begun to fight back using captured Martian tech. It’s called War of the Worlds: Goliath, and it features bi-planes and blimps and steampunk and some odd-looking 2-D animated but some awesome-looking CG. Although most independently produced animated films are terrible, doomed, or terrible and doomed, I’m digging both the premise of Goliath and the quality work that clearly went into it. The movie is due in 2010; goodness only knows if it’ll make it to theaters, but I’ll keep you posted. Thanks to D. Smith for the tip. (Via First Showing)