40 Years of Spam, Dead Parrots, Silly Walks, and More Spam

Yes, it is Monty Python’s 40th birthday today, and as a nerd blog with aspirations/pretensions to comedy, I couldn’t let the day pass by without mentioning it. Obviously, nerds and Monty Python will be forever linked, if only for the way we tend to drive away members of the opposite sex with their quotes — and I’ve often wondered if getting into Monty Python is a necessary stage of being a nerd at all, part of our chrysalis into barely functioning members of society. Like the Beatles, their experimentation in and domination of their field was so complete that there is no comedian who can say they weren’t influenced by them in some way. Well, anyone who’s any good, at any rate.

Feel free to share your favorite Monty Python quotes, skits, and memories below. As a classics nerd, you might no be surprised to learn my favorite skit is from Life of Brian and up above — despite having seen it almost a hundred times in two decades, it never, ever fails to crack me up. John, Michael, Eric, Graham and both Terrys — thank you very, very much.