A Rumor Worth Repeating: Haley as Sinestro?


You know I hate the rumors, usually because they’re made up by ridiculous British papers and have no bearing in reality. However, here’s a rumor that just sounds so right that I’m reporting it because I want it to be true — that Watchmen‘s Jackie Earle Haley is being considered for the role of Sinestro, Hal Jordan’s Green Lantern instructor-turned-villian in the Ryan Reynolds-starring Green Lantern movie. Haley’s just a fantastic actor, and someone who I think could do wonders with Sinestro’s desire to bring order to the universe by any means possible. I sincerely hope this turns out to be true, and since /Film — whom I heard it from — doesn’t say where the rumor originated, that actually makes it more credible than if it came from one of those silly Brit-papers.

Oh, /Film also says that there may be a Superman cameo in the Green Lantern film too, and I say both bull and shit. Won’t happen, unless Warner Bros./DC Entertainment has truly got their shit figured out through this reorganization. If it happens, it will truly be the start of a brave new world for DC movies. Which is exactly why I doubt it’s going to happen.