And That’s How They Became the Deadpool Bunch

I heard reports of this madness from the Diamond Retailers Summit a couple weeks ago, but with no one to go on the record or any pics, I wasn’t going to post. Now, thanks to these pics from The Beat, I can: the Marvel universe will welcome not just Lady Deadpool, but The Deadpool Corps., which seems to include Deadpool, Lady Deadpool, a Kid Deadpool, and either a dog or cat Deadpool (it’s hard for me to tell). I have no idea how or when or why these guys will be showing up in Marvel’s 2010 comics, but since 90% of you seem to be Deadpool fanatics, I knew you’d want to know. At the very least, these guys are going to open up some very serious cosplaying opportunities.

Update: It’s a dog named Dogpool. Fucking fantastic.