Drunken Ewok Rampage

Oh my god. Several of you tipped me off the the genially terrifying Today Show cast were dressed as Star Wars characters today in honor of Halloween, but I tried to ignore it, since now one really ever wants to see Al Roker dressed as Han Solo. But none of you told me Today Show bits included drunken, rampaging Ewoks. Watch the above video and you will see:

? Ewoks throwing things at the Today Show hosts during their shitty Halloween decoratiosn segment
? Ewoks drinking martinis
? An Ewok moonwalking
? Ewoks fighting each other
? An Ewok very possibly grabbing Meredith Viera’s ass

And best of all, Warming Glow‘s sources at NBC confirm the Ewoks were indeed midgets, and they were genuinely drunk. I believe we’ve just seen the greatest moment of television that ever was or will be. I’m honored for it to have happened in my lifetime.