Epic Mickey Is Gonna Be Epic

Holy shit. Remember how that Game Informer with the Epic Mickey was released on Monday, but didn’t include details on the game? Now the details are out, and my brain has blown out the back of my skull (meaning yes, I am sitting in a pool of my own gray matter and urine, thank you. It’s been a big day). I think Destructoid has the best write-up, so here’s what you need to know, courtesy of them:

  • The game’s plot revolves around “forgotten” Disney
    characters. Obscure characters from long-forgotten cartoons and rides
    have been cast into a dark world of broken-down machinery and very
    bitter attitudes.
  • The main villain is Disney’s first ever cartoon hero, Oswald the Lucky Rabbit.
    Now a nobody, he has rallied the residents of the dark world and is out
    for revenge against the mouse that took his place as Disney’s spokesman.
  • Oswald unleashes the Phantom Blot,
    a monster that invades the Disney universe and begins to disassemble it
    by using black ink and making the colors of the world run together
    (this explains the “melting” imagery used in concept art).

Holy fucklobsters. I know some of you guys were looking forward to the Phantom Blot being the bad guy for this thing, but I am fucking blown away that Oswald is actually the game’s main villain. I can’t even stand how awesome this is, how cool that it treats Disney’s early works like there’s some kind of continuity, how that these early works, pushed aside for Mickey and crew, have been twisted and pissed at Mickey’s success. I can only imagine what other forgotten Disney relics will be part of the game (I am, however, guessing Song of the South will stay in the vault, however).

Destructoid has more details, but they mostly revolve around how Mickey will use not just his paint brush, but also paint thinner and erasers and other artists’ tools to fix the Blot’s work. Oh, and that everyone’s going to be surprised by Mickey’s full design — there’s apparently a reason why his face hasn’t been shown yet. And the last important detail — and one I’m also excited by — is that Epic Mickey might no longer be a Wii exclusive! Obviously it was designed for Wii, what with the paintbrushes and all, but clearly to not make this game on all three major platforms is to hate money… which Disney does not.