Live-Action Macross = Nerd Boner


I’m reasonably confident TR has a decent amount of Robotech fans, so I was going to link to this trailer for the new Japanese Macross series Frontier. But then I watched it, and it dawned on me that Macross kind of sucks. The original Japanese Macross anime? Pretty awesome. Macross Plus? Pretty good. Macross Zero? Good, I’m told. But the rest — Macross II, Macross 7, and this Macross Frontier nonsense — are or look like ass. Meanwhile, Robotech‘s Macross Saga — and this comes from a dude who was a professional anime nerd for seven years — is better than any and all of them.

Which is just a convoluted way of me telling you that Danny Choo posted some original Macross pachinko commercials which in effect are a live-action Macross, and I decided to post these instead because they are awesome and remind me of Robotech and thus make me engorged with nerd joy, while the Frontier trailer does not. If only the Japanese actress was washing Rick Hunter’s underwear while he chased an underage Chinese pop star, these commercials would be perfect.