Mad Max 4 Has $100 Million, a Car

So it appears like Mad Max 4 is really happening, which weirds me out — kind of like when fish have legs. It’s just not supposed to happen. THR says that the film will shoot in Australia (natch), will be subtitled Fury Road (which I’m 95% certain is a Springsteen song), no one’s been cast (despite all rumors to the contrary) and that the film has a budget of $100 million — not much for much action flicks nowadays, but a great deal when you consider Mad Max 4 has no studio backing.

This begs the question — who the fuck gave George Miller $100 million? The last thing George Miller directed was Happy Feet — the CG movie about the dancing penguins. As far as his action film roster goes, he directed all three Mad Max movies, which could generously be deemed as two good movies (I’ll let you sort that out). Right now, all Miller has for MM4 is one car, seen in the video above. Now, admittedly, I’m a bit of a Negative Nancy about these sorts of things, but does anyone else share a bit of trepidation about this thing? (Via FilmDrunk)