Oh Man, I Stepped In K-9’s New Show

Doctor Who fans are likely aware that K-9, the Doctor’s robotic dog, is getting his own spin-off series. This is not done to expand the Who media empire, but because K-9 co-creator Bob Baker — in what must be the silliest fucking result of a creator rights trial ever — sued the BBC or whoever and came away with the partial rights to the robot dog but not his appearance. If you’re a pessimist, you might think that the K-9 series is simply Baker’s mercenary cash grab using what little of the Who-niverse he has. But then you’d watch this trailer:

…and realize Bob Baker clearly hates everyone and wants to punish us all with the most asinine, uninspired crap TV show possible. I wish I had stepped in dog shit instead; at least then I could throw the shoe away. Thanks to TR contributor Chris Cummins for the tip.