Speaking of Nerdy British Comedies That Probably Should’ve Stopped…


?Red Dwarf will apparently launch its 10th season shortly. Star Robert Llewellyn broke the news on his Twitter account, confirming that no scripts have been written yet and filming would begin in 2010 assuming all goes well.

Now most Red Dwarf fans I know — including frequent TR contributor Chris Cummins — just hated the last RD special, Back to Earth, so it seems this news has filled a lot of nerds with apprehension. I’m not overly concerned, mainly because I haven’t watched Red Dwarf in forever, but I also think a lot of good comedies manage to suck when they do a “special.” They get bogged down in the “special”-ness of it, and forget the comedy — and/or their pacing is all off, because the writers are used to writing for a 25 minute TV show, and now they have to think of a plot massive enough and related jokes for 90 minutes. The Futurama movies were like that. It seems to me that once it’s back as a regular TV series, Red Dwarf could indeed return to its former glory.

Or it could suck because all involved have lost it. We’ll find out in a year or so, I guess. (Via Liverpool Daily)