The Tauntaun Sleeping Bags Are Coming (Maybe)

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Goddamn you, ThinkGeek. It’s not enough that you had to taunt us with the awesome non-existent Star Wars merchandise ever, the Tauntaun Sleeping Bag, this past April Fool’s Day. It’s that just this week you totally got me with your fake-but-not-quite-unreasonable-enough-that-I-could-tell-it-was-fake Portal shirts — just two fucking days ago. So now, when alert and highly couth TR reader Nate the Grate tells me that ThinkGeek actually got approval from Lucasfilm to make the damn sleeping bags — I don’t know if its really real or not.

Supposedly the tauntaun bags will be $99. Here’s what ThinkGeek says on the product page:

We should have the real version of these cool sleeping bags arriving in
early November. Initial quantities will be limited, so if you are at
all interested in owning a piece of Star Wars history please click the Email me when available link above.

You can’t buy them now, you can’t pre-order them, you can only sign up for an email when they do arrive. If they’re real. I guess ThinkGeek can’t burn us too badly with just an email sign-up, but if this shit is still fake, I say we burn down their goddamn building.