TR Contest: Worst Videogame Power-Up


?It’s time for a more traditional TR contest, one that requires you to use your vast wealth of nerdy knowledge instead of just admitting the shamefully nerdy things you’ve done (which is fun, but harder to think of). This week’s contest — Shittiest Videogame Power-Up. You know what I’m talking about. Whether it’s in a little box you accidentally collect or a level up bonus that provides no benefit whatsoever, videogames are litered with ’em, because game programmers run out of ideas just like I do (cough).

My vote? The Mario Kart fake item box, or whatever it’s called. Has anyone sober ever been fooled by this? Not me, although I rarely play Mario Kart sober. It’s got a fucking upside-down question mark in the middle of it — it’s not that hard to spot. And since the game only has real items boxes in certain places in carefully spaced out rows, it’s nigh impossible to actually hide these things. Your best bet is to wait until someone’s behind you and drop it — a function are performed by the banana. Fucking fake item boxes.

All console and PC games are fair play, as is any power/item/bonus that you don’t start the game with but have to find/earn/run over and grab. One entry per person, and the contest ends on October 12th at 12:01 am EST. He/she who names the shittiest power-up will win the shirt and a free, lifetime supply of nanaporbes. Have a great weekend!