What’s the Deal with this Klingon Cartoon?

Three days ago, someone uploaded the above video to YouTube. It is the user’s only video, and he labeled it “A transmission recently received from an extraterrestrial source. Prepare for battle.” as opposed to something like “A really fucking goofy Klingon cartoon my friends made.” Now, io9 suggests this might be a viral for the next Star Trek movie, which, as far as we know, doesn’t have a script or a release date or anything. While my initial reaction was that this was far too stupid and early for a Star Trek 2 viral video, I suddenly remembered how utterly insane the viral shit for the first Star Trek movie was, and now I figure I can’t rule it out. Dammit.

I will say this, though — I would much rather Star Trek 2 be about fighting Klingons than a re-hash of Wrath of Khan. I think for Trek to survive as a movie franchise, it needs some new stories, and can’t just keep trading off the old ones. Now, maybe they could re-do Khan by movie 4 or so, but right now, I’d much prefer them set out on their own; and I think fighting the original Star Trek bad guys, the Klingons, is exactly the way to do that. But I’m also not even close to a hardcore Trekkie. What do you guys think?