Yet Another Totally Bizarre DC Universe Classics Assortment

I’m not even going to pretend to understand what goes on in the mind’s of Mattel’s DC people. I’m not criticizing them as much as I’m just totally baffled. I mean, new Blue Beetle, easy call. The Negative Man from Doom Patrol? I’m excited, but how many moms and kids in Target will say the same? And ’90s goddamn Superboy? That’s hilarious and kind of awesome, but is it really going to sell?

The rest of series 13, if reports can be believed, will include Cheetah (classic and modern variants), Donna Troy Wonder Girl (I’m pretty sure), Cyclotron with a variant (who the hell is Cylcotron?), Blue Devil, and a bandage-less-faced Negative Man variant as well; the build-a-figure is Trigon. You can see them all in the Flickr file of batmego27. The terrifying part is that my first instinct was to not buy Negative Man, because there’s no may Mattel would make the rest of the Doom Patrol. But then I realized as crazy as these line-ups are, they actually might.