Diora Baird’s Deleted Orion Slave Girl Star Trek Scene Revealed!

…revealed to be less sexy than I had hoped. It’s not a bad scene, but it’s easy to see why it was deleted. Hey, J.J. Abrams — question for you. If you have a script that features two green-skinned Orion Slave Girls, one of which is fully clothed, and one of which is shown in her underwear, how on god’s green earth do you NOT give the lesser clothed role to Diora Baird? I mean, I doubt few men would kick Rachel Nichols out of bed for eating crackers, but come on. You had this:

Thumbnail image for startrek_diorabaird.jpg

When you could have has this, but greener:
DO THE FUCKING MATH, J.J. ABRAMS. And thanks to Joraamn for finding me the clip.