Douglas Adams’ Bathtub Is For Sale

douglas adams bath.jpg

?Seriously. It’s on ebay right this very minute. As of the time of this article’s posting, it has two days left on auction, and it’s going for 565 pounds, or about $930. The ebay listing says that Adams would always take baths when he needed ideas for his books, and this is that bath — I can’t find any corroboration for that, but I swear I remember reading an article with Adams once where he mentioned the bath thing, so I’m saying it’s true. And $930 for the bathtub that may have spawned Arthur Dent and the galactic necessity for towels? That’s a fucking steal, although the fact you have to pick it up — assumably in England — is likely part of the reason the price is still so low. The winning bid will be donated to rhino saving, which is good, but I can’t help but wish it was for dolphins or sperm whales, don’t you?